Sun Country Region Volleyball Association (SURVA) is part of the TAG UR IT program, aimed at alleviating the shortage of officials and providing a starting point for individuals interested in part-time officiating. The program focuses on Talented And Gifted (TAG) junior officials, helping them move to the next level of officiating for pay as adults.

National-level officials will be looking for TAG scorers and R2s, who will receive a bag TAG signed by the National level official and recognized by other officials.

Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club takes great pride in providing quality officiating experiences for our assigned tournament duties. The following athletes have achieved an honorable accomplishment and have been tagged by a National-level official.

Down Ref (R2)

The down ref's main responsibility is to manage the court, that is, communicate effectively with players and coaches at the team bench area, the work crew at the scores table, the line judges, and first referee. The second referee should assist the first referee (hand signaling the first referee or blowing the whistle to make calls) in order for the match to run as smoothly as possible.

  • Karolina Ruiz, 13-1 Team


Indoor scorers record everything that occurs during a volleyball match. They keep track of the score, substitutions, and everything else referees must know between points. Meticulous attention to detail and the ability to multitask are two important characteristics of scorers.

  • Zavia Burton, 18-1 Team
  • Iris Redondo-Lacey, 14-2 Team
  • Raven Ryan, 15-2 Team

Line Judging

The game of volleyball today is fast, intense and complex. Referees, players coaches and fans all depend on the line judges for good decisions and knowledge of the applicable rules. As a line judge, the decisions are critical to a well-officiated contest. Line judges are often asked to make a judgment on a play because only they are in a position to see the action, making them invaluable to the referees.

  • Dellany Balkey, 15-2 Team
  • Mylee Cordova, 15-2 Team
  • Sia Graeser, 15-1 Team
  • Marianna Miller, 15-1 Team